Shenzhen Hongxin Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hongxin Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. is a formal large-scale professional cleaning company that undertakes wasteland cleaning, carpet cleaning, stone renovation, floor waxing, the company's global site cleaning, formaldehyde detection and management, stone polishing and waxing, and range hood cleaning , Air conditioning cleaning, new and old building cleaning, school cleaning, industrial area cleaning, office building cleaning, courtyard cleaning, community cleaning, green management, green maintenance, garbage cleaning, public toilet cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, home cleaning, family housekeeping, city cleaning , Kitchen cleaning, disinfection, moving, indoor relocation, indoor demolition, indoor cleaning, indoor moving, building cleaning, living cleaning, living cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, disinfection, decoration, building demolition cleaning services and contracted cleaning, cleaning engineering services.
With a professional team, advanced equipment, leading technology, superb technology, and first-class service, the company has won unanimous praise and support from many new and old customers in various districts of Shenzhen, and has won a good reputation from customers. Our company has more than 300 people who have been engaged in cleaning services, cleaning services, cleaning services, municipal engineering services, city appearance maintenance services, greening management engineering, greening maintenance engineering, garbage cleaning services, disinfection and killing services, providing transportation, indoor relocation for many years in Shenzhen , Indoor demolition, house demolition, indoor cleaning, loading and unloading services, interior decoration, interior decoration projects; engineering contracting and services such as water and electricity installation, fire-fighting pipeline installation, and property management.
Many years of professional cleaning elite team, the company focuses on indoor environmental health, professional indoor, car interior pollution control, formaldehyde removal, air purification, indoor air testing, cleaning and cleaning, stone renovation and maintenance, carpet cleaning, range hood cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, etc. , A professional one-stop cleaning service platform integrating many services, and facing the world to work together for a win-win situation! Conspiracy! shared! Suffering! Develop wise talents to join our service team.
Business philosophy: Survive by quality, develop by reputation. Company principle: Customer first, integrity first!